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 Holiday Gift Guide 
It's hard to believe, but the holidays are fast upon us. While early and very organized shoppers might have their list complete, the rest of us are just starting or are still trying to find the right gift for that certain hard to shop for parent, sibling or friend. Below are some of our top picks for both innovative and fun products organized in price categories. You won't go wrong with any of these picks. God bless and have a happy holiday season and New Years!

Products: $200-$2000
Apple iMac G5 20" 1.8 Ghz
Price Tag: $1,799*

If your looking for the perfect desktop look no further. Apple's brilliant engineers continue to compact more power and more features in an ever diminishing form factor. This new iMac has an excellent screen and a powerful computer all built into one slick 2" thin form factor. Even the power supply is built in so there is only one slim power cable coming out of the back. With an optional blue tooth module you can have a wireless keyboard and mouse to eliminate cables and desktop clutter. With the 20" model you can view more than two pages side by side at the same time. The 17" screen is also just as bright and clear including the same screen area as a traditional 19" CRT. The 20" model also includes a 160 GB HD, built in 10/100BaseT ethernet, two FireWire 400 ports, three USB 2.0 ports, two 1.1 USB ports on the keyboard, a 56K modem, and a slot loading DVD-R / CD-RW drive. The base configuration comes with 256MB of RAM; we would recommend that you updgrade that to 512MB to 1 GB of RAM. The $1799 price includes the educational discount for college students. The other two models - 17" 1.8 Ghz and 17: 1.6 Ghz are education priced at $1,399 and $1199 respectively. Add $100 if you or the one receiving the gift is not a college student. After seeing this computer, you might want to gift it to yourself.



$48 & Below
Apple's iPod Photo (40GB)
Price Tag: $499

Apple has done it again by improving the best selling MP3 player and adding photo capabilities. The iPod by itself will revolutionize the way one listens to music. Anyone receiving this as a gift will be one appreciative person. Now with its ability to synchronize and hold all of your photos, a new dimension is added to your digital life. You can connect the iPod photo to a tv or other S-Video device to show your photos through the included dock. There is also a 60GB iPod Photo for $599, normal non photo 40GB/20GB iPods for $399/$299 and 4GB iPod mini's for $249. Regardless of which iPod version, this is quite possibly the best gift you could give or receive : )
HP 8450 Color Photo Printer
Price Tag: $229

Finally there is a photo printer that's worth buying. HP's excellent 8450 can print photos from your computer, any computer on your network, or from any of the major digital camera cards including CompactFlash», SecureDigital» (SD), MemoryStick», SmartMedia», Microdrive», MultiMediaCard» and xD-Picture card. In addition the printer has a color 2.5" Color LCD so you can see and choose photos to print right from a digital camera card. The unit also includes built in photo correction such as red eye elimination, blur correction, and brightness / contrast correction. What's really nice about the printer as opposed to normal or earlier color printers is borderless photo prints. It's like having your own photo lab! If you don't need or want ethernet and your just connecting to your computer through USB, then you might try the 8150 model with an approximate price of $179.