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Holiday Gift Guide
It's hard to believe, but the holidays are fast upon us. While early and very organized shoppers might have their list complete, the rest of us are just starting or are still trying to find the right gift for that certain hard to shop for parent, sibling or friend. Below are some of our top picks for both innovative and fun products organized in price categories. You won't go wrong with any of these picks. God bless and have a happy holiday season and New Years!

Products: $48 & Below
Mumm Champagnes
Price Tag: $44

Celebrate special moments this holiday with champagne! These bubblies come elegantly packaged in neat little four-packs. Show someone special you want to share a sparkling evening. These are also a great gift for parents, teachers or coaches. The packaging makes these champagnes an extra-special gift. www.mumm.com



$48 & Below
Honora Leather Bracelets
Price Tag: $45 (On Sale)

Tiffany Heart Mesh Bracelet
Price Tag: $24.95 (On Sale)

The Game of Sound, Mind & Body:
Four games in one.
Price Tag: $29.95

List everything you can think of within common categories such as fast food restaurants, sports, bad habits. Clue givers think up carefully chosen words to coax the correct answer from teammates. Or, use nothing but sound effects and pantomime to win the game. Super fun for 4 or more players.
Energizer Flashlights
Price Tag: $14

The Quick-Switch flashlight can use 2 AA, C or D batteries, making this one of the smartest inventions of the year. Energizer also has a cool new 'Incredibles' flashlight with accessories for the kids.
Aerobie Pro Ring & SuperDisc
Price Tag: $9.95 /$6.75

Aerobie Pro Flying Ring. Our most popular gift from last year, this ring is deserving of another great recommendation. Once you spin this disc, you're hooked. The glide and flight length make this such an fun toy. Take this ring to the beach and watch the crowd reaction. Even if you've never been good at sports, once you throw the Aerobie, your self-esteem will soar. Hurling this ring makes one look like they are capable of anything on earth. And it still holds the Guinness World Record for the farthest throw - 1,333 feet.

Aerobie SuperdiscUltra: Looking for a fun, get out of the house activity? This 12" Superdisc glides steadily for long flight-time and floats in water. Get outside, winter or summer and enjoy each other's company. You'll get a great aerobic workout, too!