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Score college admission without the SAT
Some students suffer through twelve years of education and three different schools, struggling to get good enough grades to carry them to college. Just when it's all coming together, when they're finally strutting into their high school senior year, three little letters can blow it all away - S-A-T.

What makes your school cool?
What's your college or university best known for? Maybe it's the number one party school in the country. Or it has a championship lacrosse team. Or it has the most grasshoppers per capita in the spring and summer. Whatever it may be - most schools are known for something.

Do master's degrees really pay off?
It is the dreaded question that every parent asks: So what are you doing after you graduation?

Big blunders found in school textbooks
Once mistakes get in textbooks they're very hard to get out.

Livin' large on the Net
Instead of practical jokes taking center stage, Generation Xers lamented their tragic fates while living together in beachside mansions.

Whatever happened to the Internet II?
If you're wondering what ever became of that digital dream -- it's alive and well, online on 150 U.S. college campuses.

Life after college - are you ready?
Amidst the excitement and enthusiasm of graduation also comes a frenzy of emotions that borderline on hysteria. Don't panic. You're not alone -- and you're not going crazy.

Students required to get wired
If there's one thing today's college students know more about than their parents did, it's how to get really wired.

Cool majors get students fired up
It's just another manic school day, eight o'clock in the morning and time to endure another round of academic drudgery. Students know the drill. First it's off to the all-too-familiar golf course to play a quick nine holes, then it's back to campus for a training session with that damn baboon, then of course it's time to set fire to something - anything, as long as it burns. And then to top off the day, well, it's the depths of scholastic suffering -- underwater archaeology.

Community colleges add amenities to attract students
When I got turned down for a job years ago, I asked the prospective boss why, and he said I needed more class (not the kind you get from society). He suggested that I take on some additional, alternative studies. This sent me and my bachelor's degree back to school -- a community college -- for some new skills that helped me land my next job.

Students bend the truth on college applications
A college career means big opportunities for students, but it also means big responsibilities. Just applying to a major college means a whole year of hard work and worries. Once students get past researching schools, gathering information and filling out applications, they have to contend with how to pay for it all.

Child geniuses: Do they belong in college?
Gregory Smith is ten years old. He's also a freshman - in college. While most students slog away for years in search of that elusive diploma, Smith could have his masters in hand before he can even drive a car. The blonde-haired, blue eyed boy is obviously a genius.

Are cults working your college campus?
Steve Hassan is an intelligent and successful author. He was also a cult member for more than two years after being recruited on his college campus. In his 40s now, he uses his writing to warn others about the lure of cults.

Wanted: Pregnant Coeds
Placing your baby for adoption is the hardest decision you will ever make, but it's one made out of love.

Cyberspace keeps classmates connected
although staying in touch with fellow classmates post-graduation is tough, the Internet is one way to help you stay close.

Tales from the crypt: Roommates from hell
With all the wonders and excitement that college life offers, it also brings with it something else that isn't always quite as appealing - roommates.

Colleges hiding on-campus crime stats?
Colleges and universities are not immune to the ills of the outside world.

Collegians predisposed to road rage
Road rage is becoming increasingly common on America's streets and highways and though college students may be the victims of it, often times they are the aggressors.

The evolution of Spring Break
In the 1950's, Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon dreamily danced and sang on the California coast, partying with dozens of friends on the beach. That TV fantasy helped lead to the first big screen flick about spring break, "Where The Boys Are" in 1960.