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College Admissions Articles

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16.Don't Pick a Major to Please Your Parents!
For all of you high school juniors and seniors, this whole major issue is probably coming up more and more, as applications, parents, aunts and teachers breath down your neck to know what youāre going to do with your life. Darra Clark puts things in perspective.

17. College Roommates
Whether you live in a residence hall, off campus, or in a fraternity or sorority, you will likely have a number of different roommates during college, and you are also likely to have problems with at least one of your roommates. You shouldn’t think you will be immune to this problem if you know your roommate ahead of time. It is often people who know one another who are most likely to either take advantage of each other, or fail to communicate adequately when problems do arise.

18. Academic Expectations
Find out exactly what your college professors will expect from you. We'll give you some suggestions to ensure your academic success.

19. What to Bring to College
An exciting but sad day. Packing the stuff in your room to take to your new home - college. As simple as this seems it is quite a challenging process. Don't miss this checklist of items you'll be sure to need when you go off to college.

20. College Requirements
To help you find the mythical "perfect fit" college, iHigh.com has compiled samples of admissions requirements from Princeton, Vanderbilt, Arizona State, Lansing Community College, Lexington Community College, and ASA Institute of Business and Computer Technology.

21. A Consumer's Guide to the Admissions Process
Most colleges assume that degree candidates will enter in the fall term, and the selection process becomes a yearly cycle, in one of three ways: rolling, regular or early.

22. A Trip Worth Making
It is a known fact that as the spring comes, tension builds among the seniors. We are forced to find the right college that will fit us and our needs. And the colleges are NOT a lot of help with those colorful little brochures they send, showing us the exact same pictures on each and that same tree with that same beautiful girl standing next to it smiling. So, we can't really rely on that propaganda to help us. Well, have no worries. I have heard your cry for help and will deliver for you. Iāll give you a brief rundown of the college visit to help you decide whether a college visit trip in general is worth it for you. First stop: Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee.

23. The Wonders of College
Darra Clark tells the 8 things college has taught her so far.

24. Saving Up for College
When people speak of luxury items, they usually refer to jewelry, clothes, or a BMW. But the truth is that nothing is as luxuriously expensive as an education from a prestigious college.

25. Freshman Year, Here I Come
Okay, so it's the end of July. I'm working, hanging out with my friends, and slowly having a month-long panic attack. As the mail piles up in my room about housing and accepting my financial aid and not bringing halogen lamps, I'm beginning to believe I've stepped into an alternate dimension.

26. What They Don't Tell You in the Brochures
From Greek Life to ramen noodles, this here are some tips you won't find in the mail.

27. Packing for College
Unless you happen to plan on going to State U in your town AND living with your parents, college is going to involve a nasty amount shopping and packing and shopping.

28. Come To My Kollege!
College propaganda is written by members of the illustrious faculty itself (at least that is my uneducated assumption) and serves as the sole correspondence between students and colleges until visitation is possible. But then again, my dear fellow high schoolers, logic is not always most prevalent in modern-day living.

29. Student Diary: Leaving Home
So tomorrow is the big day, right? Well, that's what everyone tells me. Tomorrow I leave my family, friends, and everything that I have come to believe and value as "home." That's right, I'm off to college!

30. Student Diary: Academic, Athletic, and Social Lives

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