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California 529 College Savings Plans


California 529 College Savings Plan
1. Scholarshare College Savings Plans
   A plan managed by Fidelity Investments, this California 529 plan is an age-based fund using monies from an actively managed fund (a fund where people hand pick and time the stock buys) or an indexed fund (a fund in which almost no human interaction picks the stocks, it is almost solely generated by computer stock tracking.) This portfolio also gives the options of putting your moneies into a socially responsible investment option. There are no state residency requirements and no enrollment or maintenance fees on this account.

2. Scholarshare Advisor College Savings Plan
   The Advisor plan is in addition to the direct-sold 529 plan, but you have the freedom to go through a Fidelity broker, utilizing their advisor plans.


    While the Section 529 plans may sound like the answer to all your questions, there are downfalls and disadvantages. There may be annual fees associated with having a college savings plan account, pre-paid tuition plans can drastically impact your financial aid status, and early withdrawal will not only incur an income tax, but a 10% tax penalty is added to the lump sum of the withdrawal. When finding a Section 529 plan, make sure to read the fine print and select the one that best fits your need.